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You Can Learn a Lot from a Cat

You Can Learn a Lot from a Cat

This season has been one, I pray, that my Lacie will not soon forget. She has had the unique opportunity to take her love for the stage, and experience it in a variety of venues. In an odd twist of timing she has been working on three musicals simultaneously; one through church, one through school, and one through our community theatre. Each one building on the love and pure natural desire of a girl designed to be on the stage, but each vastly different. While there is much my heart could share of the ugliness she experienced through one, and the familiarity she has enjoyed through another – it is the lessons that this mama has learned through that of a ‘cat’ that I lay out here.


  1. A peron’s a person no matter how small. IMG_4608The whole reason that we even tried out for ‘Seussical’ was purely for the experience of a ‘real’ audition. Though not at all a stranger to the stage or to the spot light – auditioning was something of an unknown. We had long conversations about it, but never followed those up with the likelihood that a part would be on the other side of that process. So when she got the role of a ‘who’ – she was over the moon. She never used words like ‘I’m only a who’ or ‘I wish I were a ______’ – she basked in the excitement to just get to be a part of the show. Every single practice…every…single…practice…she came bouncing out to the car so excited and so pumped up! I would immediately hear things like ‘you should hear Sour Kangaroo – she has THE best voice’, ‘The Cat is so great at her role, mom’, ‘You would love Gertrude – she is doing amazing’ and on and on. She was so proud of each of them…she loved them like family. The role that she herself played – she poured herself into. (Now, I acknowledge my motherly bias…but it is always hard to miss my Lacie when she’s on the stage. She beams…she radiates.) Her focus was always – ‘I am a part of something big.’ It was never the size of the part, but absolutely the love of what she was doing. Through this attitude, I found myself quickly challenged about how often I get frustrated with theIMG_4395 role that I play in this world. I fuss that I want a different part. I wish I had a few less dramatic scenes or was one that others looked to and said ‘she is my favorite.’ I’ve been challenged with the question – what if I just embraced the role I’ve been given – and simply poured myself into it? What if instead of wishing for something more or different, I encouraged those around me, and just lived excited to just get to be a part of the story.
  2. Oh the things you can think. Turns out that I was assigned a part in the musical as well; the role of hair and make-up to my sweet who. Off the cuff, I had no clue on how to do either (non-girlie girl here), but soon figured out a plan. On average, it took me about 45 minutes to create her hair and about 15 for the make-up. Then another 30 to undo it all at the end of the day. With so much time together, we soon began having beautiful heart-to-hearts, laughing together, singing loudly together, and just enjoying each other’s company in a way we hadn’t before. For the schedule our family keeps – long heart-to-hearts aren’t always likely to happen, but something so sweet was beginning to happen because of them. A few performances in though and I noticed that some of the hair on the other ‘whos’ was a bit more simple and for a hot second I re-evaluated my approach to turning Lace into a ‘who’. I could have gone more simple, I could have short-cutted easily…but oh what I would have missed out on. The thought left my head as quickly as it came and what resulted were some of the sweetest moments of conversation, laughter, connectedness and love than the two of us had really ever experienced together. We hear the word ‘shortcut’ and often think that it will be great – oh the the things that we think – but some journeys should definitely be experienced by taking the scenic route. So 275 pipe cleaners and just shy of 18 hours later – the choice to embrace ‘who’ hair was one I will never regret.
  3. Alone in the universe? As a place of honesty, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when embarking on community theatre. It was a ‘we’re about to step into the real world’ kind of feeling. Concerns over her safety, over how she would be treated, over what she might be exposed to washed over me hard, before we ever said yes to this adventure. But then I had to remember Who my ‘who’ belonged to. From the very first audition, Lacie and I talked that if she got a role in this musical it would be because God was opening a door for her. (Now from my experience, God isn’t usually in the business of cracking doors – they are either solidly closed or flung wide open. He is also not in the business of opening doors that He doesn’t intend to walk through with you.) With this in mind, I knew that no matter what she experienced it was something He had purposed just for her. Again, being honest, I was prepared for a more negative experience for her. (I did childhood theatre and will forever remember director, Una Harrison, with her wild hair, tight leather pants, 4 inch red heels, British accent and idioms, and unbendable demand for perfection. Woo!) I had several negative scenarios mapped out in my head; pep-talks were on the ready. But much like a sour kangaroo baffled by one that would think different than herself – I could never have imagined the experiences my girl would actually encounter; a cast that she would come to love as family, a bond that would deepen for the two of us or the unexpected example of Christ in the form of a cat. Yes, you read that last part correctly. At a time when Lacie has questioned how God could really love one like her…a self-proclaimed small speck in this great big world…one wired differently than those around her…one who certainly has felt alone in the universe…He brought into her world beautiful examples of a life lived in Him. He placed in front of her someone who would gently listen and sweetly encourage. Someone who would point her to Him both by example and by a few simple conversations. I say it often – but anytime you look for God, He can always be found…but even I was surprised by the way He showed up for my girl (His girl). IMG_4913

Who knew that a simple audition would unravel all of the opportunities for adventure, growth, and love for one young girl. Who knew this journey would also have so much affect on her mama. From over here in my spot in the seats, I have been challenged in my day-to-day role, challenged in my role as a mama, challenged in my relationship with the Lord, challenged that no matter what may go on behind the scenes – that what I live out is true, authentic, infectious. May I be more consumed by how I play a part in the story regardless of how many even notice that I’m in it. May I be mindful of the moments that come, not trying to blow past them, not trying to make them fit into the mold of what is quick and easy…but experiencing them in such a way that allows the story to unfold deeper and more beautifully. May my relationship with the Lord be evident and my heart always eager to share His love. This experience was beyond what I could have hoped for, for my Lacie, and one that has uniquely resonated in me.  IMG_4601